About the Amador Astronomical Society

M100, A galaxy in the the Virgo Cluster

The Amador Astronomical Society (AAS) was born in the fall of 1994 with a "first light" meeting of local astronomy buffs who desired to share the knowledge of telescopes, techniques and observations of stars with each other and the public. Our members range from young students curious about the night sky to seasoned star and comet hunters. But the majority of AAS members are people who enjoy the fascination of viewing objects in the sky using anything from their naked eye to telescopes large enough to do serious astronomical research. (Image from NASA).

An AAS star party

Amador Astronomical Society members also have access to several "dark sky" sites in Amador and Calaveras Counties. Dark sky sites are becoming increasingly rare and important due to the light pollution from street lights, yard lights, shopping centers and other light sources in populated areas. At 4500 feet, AAS's Telescope Flat site has one of the best Dark Sky 360 degree views in California. (Image taken at dusk, Telescope Flat © 2005 Webcentric Computer Services).


In addition, we serve the public by offering a variety of educational programs designed to introduce astronomy to anyone with an interest. Whether you possess a curious mind, a pair of binoculars, a telescope that you never could get to work right, or something much larger, consider joining AAS. We all possess one common interest, a desire to share the knowledge and wonder of astronomy. (Image from NASA).