Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 Launch
July 1, 2014

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Several pictures and post launch video from the OCO 2 (Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2) satellite launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base July 1 & July 2, 2014. This is a crucial satellite for monitoring carbon dioxide from space. Only about half of the CO2 is in atmosphere, the rest is sequestered in plant life and ocean. This spacecraft will give detailed information about these locations and the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most significant of the human-produced greenhouse gases and is the principal human-produced driver of changes to Earth's climate. This information could help policymakers and business leaders make better decisions to ensure climate stability and retain our quality of life.

Janie and Larry with Chief Scientist Mike Gunson and Principal Investigator David Crisp for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2
Jim Graf MRO Project Mgr and Depty Dir Earth Science with Janie and Larry Brown and Stewart Fliege (seated)
Mike Gunson OCO2 Project Scientist with Janie and Larry Brown and Stewart Fliege (seated)
Kerry Erickson Galex Project Manager with Janie and Larry Brown and Stewart Fliege (seated)
Amit Sen Aquarius Project Manager with Larry Brown
Ralph Basilio OCO2 Project Manager, Char and Stewart Fliege along with Janie and Larry Brown.