Dedication of Volcano Astronomical Observatory Marker
January 21, 2006

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The unveiling Ceremony for State Historical Marker #715 Volcano Astronomical Observatory was held on Saturday January 21, 2006 at 10 AM at the Town Hall in Volcano, CA. Members of the community and the Madiera family joined Dr. Marshal Merriam, the Amador Astronomical Society, the Sacramento Valley Astronomy Society, the Stockton Astronomy Society, and the Amador Historical Society at the Volcano Town Hall in Volcano to celebrate the life of George David Madeira. In 1860, George erected the first Astronomical Observatory in California on a hill next to his home in Volcano. George also published the first astronomical research report from California and introduced James Lick to the telescope. These events led to the opening of the Lick Observatory in 1888.

The Keynote speaker for the dedication was Dr. Marshal Merriam, Professor Emeritus from the College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. Historical displays depicted the life of George Madeira, and the Astronomical and Historical societies were available for questions.

The public was also invited to participate in the unveiling of a new State Historical marker dedicated to the Volcano Observatory. A previous marker had been placed incorrectly, and the new marker with a revised inscription is now located in front of the "Old Abe" cannon next to the town hall.

The old marker on Shake Ridge Road will be removed by the Amador Astronomical Society and delivered to the Amador Historical Society.
AAS member Steve Durham in front of JPL 3-D Mars photo.
Displays and telescope at Volcano Town Hall.
Left to right: AAS members Charles Frenzel, Janie Brown, Lydia Frenzel, AAS president Larry Brown.
Keynote speaker Dr. Marshal Merriam, Professor Emeritus from the College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.
Center: AAS Webmaster and photo journalist Barbara Kreiss documenting the event.

† Photo of the photo journalist by photographer Larry Brown.
Dedication: oldest & youngest members of the Madeira family, with Norma Madeira Morgan and sister Ann Madeira Kately standing to left of plaque. Spokesman from SAS Jerry Hyatt to right of plaque.
New State Historical Marker #715.
AAS member Phil Kreiss & Marshall Merriam.
SVAS members, Don Machholz on left.
SAS members from left: Trevor Atkinson, Emelia Seiferling, Rosemary Atkinson, Jim Seiferling, Mary and Jerry Hyatt, Marshal and Diane, Bev and Jack Sales
George Madeira on left with brother Frank in Healdsburg, CA circa 1909. From the Harrison Pruitt Starr collection held by the Headsburg Museum.
George Madeira's Observatory site is estimated to be straight ahead and up the hill behind the cemetery in Volcano on private property. George himself revisited the site of his home in 1881, and found that it had burned down, with nothing left to mark the spot where the telescope had stood.