Pine Grove Elementary School Star Party
May 27, 2005

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The Amador Astronomical Society held a star party for all 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade classes, their parents, and siblings from Pine Grove Elementary School on Friday, May 27 at 8 PM. Participants were able to see Jupiter, Saturn, the famous double star Castor and the M-13 globular cluster. Volunteer AAS Astronomers Bob Works, Steve Durham, Dennis Mashburn, David Rice and Larry Brown arrived early to set up the event. Kids and parents arrived at 8:00 PM. The star party was located at Pine Grove Elementary School, 20101 Hwy 88, Pine Grove, CA. Host teacher was Martha Robbins.

Video Click on the image to download an interview with teachers from Pine Grove Elementary School in Windows Media Player format. (431 KB)
Setting up
Bob Works explaining upcoming JPL/NASA Deep Impact Mission and constellation mythology
Steve Durham talking about what we are going to see in the sky and testing students knowledge of astronomy
Larry Brown having last years recipients of the 3 Sutter Creek telescopes reporting on the year's observations
The new recipients of the red, white, and blue telescopes for the upcoming year… with new AAS member, Dennis Mashburn, setting his telescope up at far left
New AAS member David Rice with his 10″ reflector