Ione Junior High School Lunar Eclipse Party
October 27, 2004

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Astronomers included Bob Works, Steve Durham, Ken Mason and Larry Brown. Sponsoring Teacher: Howie Webb, Math Department. The Amador Astronomical Society held a Lunar Eclipse star party for the Math Department at Ione Junior High (450 South Mill Street, Ione) on Wednesday, October 27 at 6:00 PM. Local astronomer Bob Works gave us a special presentation.

After the Lunar event, we then turned our telescopes on additional astronomical objects, i.e., Uranus, Neptune, the globular star cluster in Hercules and the Andromeda Galaxy. Guests were invited to stay for part or all of the eclipse and encouraged to bring a pair of binoculars.

Storm clouds cleared just in time giving the astronomers a beautiful sunset.
Are these astro-miners from another planet?
Lunar astronomers watch as Totality began at 7:23pm, peaked at 8:04pm, and ended at 8:45pm.
As it rose at 5:57pm, we observed the moon slowly growing dark as it entered the earth's shadow from 6:14pm - 7:23pm. (Photo Courtesy AAS member Ken Mason) Digital, F/2.8, 1/8 sec. (through 10″ Meade SCT telescope)
Then for about 80 minutes, the moon appeared both dark and reddened. (Photo courtesy AAS member Joran Kreiss)
During these events the Moon almost disappears, but how dark or red it gets is always a surprise. (Photo courtesy AAS member Joran Kreiss) Digital, F/3.9, 8 sec., ISO 100 8:26 PDT (telephoto)
Notice the stars? Look closely. (Photo courtesy AAS member Joran Kreiss)
From 8:44pm – 9:53pm, the moon slowly brightened as it left earth's shadow. (Photo courtesy AAS member Joran Kreiss) Digital, F/5.1, 2 sec, ISO 100 8:54 PDT (telephoto)